Video teaser for a movie about ultra-running.

A new video for CrossFit Hit and Run in Memphis, TN.

Holy mackerel. #Florida #fishing #offshore

A little movie I made about the All-American Wonderful Tradition of Black Friday.

New video I shot for a local Crossfit box. Long workouts. Good folks. Good times.

Some scenes from the KKK rally in Memphis on 3/30/13. Some people were there to protest the rally, others were just curious. The Memphis Police Department was everywhere to ensure a repeat of the 1998 rally did not take place. I think they did their job well. The day felt like more of a whimper, and less of a bang.

Here’s a sneak peek of an upcoming project with Zach Krych.

Shot some video of Jon North at the Arnold last year. Prepare to be motivated.

Ryan Moody holds six world records. AND, he is the only documented human being to jump higher than their height! Listen how he returned from a paralyzing injury, and went on to blow peoples minds with his vertical prowess. Also, Ryan explains the mental process he goes through before hitting a big jump.

Just wrapped the weekend shooting the Garage Games ONE event. Good times had by all. This edit is from the first day.